Event: Revealing the Law of Divine Compensation Teleconference Series

“With every thought we think, we either summon a block or a miracle.” Marianne Williamson

The law of gravity is not just a belief, it is true whether you believe it or not. Spiritual laws are not just beliefs, they are descriptions of how consciousness operates. Prosperity is not just about money, it is about a way of thinking and being that opens us to the universal flow of good.

Join Rev. Christine as she share tools to activate the Law of Divine Compensation. Engage in setting your intentions for the year, learning how to make love the bottom line and embracing prosperity. Come celebrate you and the newness of the year!!

Set your intentions for the year.
Learn how to make love the bottom line.
Embrace your prosperity

Teleseminars are a great way to connect in spiritual community from the comfort of your home. Classes are lively and interactive and are recorded for your convenience.

Dates: Fridays, January 26, February 2, 9, 16, 2018
Time: 9:30 – 11 a.m.
Location: The comfort of your home! 
Fee: $89 before January 20; $110 after the 20th
Register: revchristine@revchristine.com  Conference number will be given upon registration


Prayer for My Country

portlandia-beach-retreat-061.jpgI am often overwhelmed with the conflicts and issues around the election. I am grateful for this prayer from Ernest.

My Prayer for My Country
by Ernest Holmes

Believing in the Divine destiny of the United States of America and in the preservation of liberty, security, and self-expression for all, I offer this, my prayer for my country:

I know that Divine Intelligence governs the destiny of the United States of America, directing the thought and the activity of all who guide its affairs.

I know that success, prosperity, and happiness are the gifts of freedom, the Divine heritage and is now operating in the affairs of every individual in this country.

I know that Divine guidance enlightens the collective mind of the people of this country, causing it to know that economic security may come to all without the loss of either personal freedom or individual self-expression.

I know that no one can believe or be led to believe that freedom must be surrendered in order to insure economic security for all.The All-Knowing Mind contains the answer to every problem which confronts this country.

I know that every leader in this country is now directed by this All-Knowing Mind and has the knowledge of a complete solution to every problem. Each is compelled to act upon this knowledge to the end that abundance, security, and peace shall come to all.

And I know that this spiritual democracy shall endure, guaranteeing to everyone in this country personal liberty, happiness, and self-expression. Amen.

Mindful Possibilities

Would you rather give yourself an electric shock than sit alone with your thoughts? It’s not as strange as you may think. A recent study at the University of Virginia found that 67 percent of men and 25 percent of women choose to give themselves a mild electric jolt than to spend time alone with their thoughts.

It’s easy to understand why. In our rare moments of silence the inner critic uses the opportunity to criticize, chastise and remember every failed endeavor and disappointing venture we’ve ever had.  It’s a wonder that we get anything done at all!

Mindfulness is a technique that keeps us focused on the present. When practicing mindfulness we notice our thoughts but resist the need to react to them. We don’t give the inner critic the power to throw us off track. We can retrain our thinking and notice our good behaviors and focus on the positive results in life.

Mindfulness allows us to be in the present and not re-hash the lost moments of the past.  When we live in the moment we release attachment to our circumstances and experience freedom. Imagine all the time you would save not being activated by what your co-worker said or worried about what your friend thinks of you. When the mind is calm, we allow those creative ideas to bubble up as possibilities.

Practice mindfulness: stop, breathe and release. When you find your emotions stirring and your mind reacting to circumstances, stop what you are doing, breathe deeply, and release the chatter of the inner critic. Accept the moment of silence as a golden opportunity to receive all the good that God has to offer.

Avoid the Friends and Family Plan

Picture 358

Are you on the Friends and Family Plan? Not the one that gives free minutes on your phone; the plan where you try to manage, fix and control the lives of your family, friends, spouse and co-workers. After all, their problems are infinitely more interesting than yours. And they are so easy to fix, if they would only listen!

Helping others is so attractive because it takes attention away from our own challenges. When we focus on solving someone else’s problems, we take time and energy away from our own goals, dreams and desires. It’s easy to become resentful.

It is one of the strategies we use to avoid and procrastinate. It usually happens when we experience doubt about what we are doing. Doubt stirs feelings of fear. Even if we have ample experience and expertise, the fear of failure can keep us stuck. So we avoid by helping others. Or we procrastinate by finding meaningless tasks to accomplish.

Taking one small step toward a goal can begin to eliminate the feelings of doubt and fear. Every accomplishment, no matter how small, gives us encouragement to keep moving forward. Every step we take is helping us to build faith. Charles Fillmore defines faith as “the perceiving power of the mind linked with the power to shape substance.”

Faith is an individual process of growth, patience and willingness. It is up to us to let go of doubt and decide how we would like to express love in the world. Ultimately, love is our highest vision and faith is our guide.

Faith is the freedom in knowing that whatever I need will be provided; whether it is strength to face the day, courage to speak my truth, or help for a loved one. Faith is appreciating every day as a treasure and every experience as a gift.


Once Upon A Time

morning lightMy favorite childhood memory is of my Dad reading bedtime stories to us. Whether he read them or made them up, they were uplifting and had a happy ending.

I realized recently that I make up stories all the time, usually in the middle of the night. My stories are not very uplifting – full of “what ifs” and “should haves.” Rather than happy endings, they inflict enough emotional pain and suffering to cause any self-respecting insomniac to run for cover!

My greatest anxiety comes from my expectations about outcomes. Expectation comes from the mind and has me hoping and wishing that what I want will show up. The difference between expectation and expectancy is attachment. Expectancy comes from the soul and – rather than forming an attachment to the outcome – motivates me to look for the good in life.

Making up stories that create expectations leaves no place for God to show up. Most of my intuitive answers come out of the silence of the question. If I can remember during stressful times, I write a question in my journal and resist the need to fill in the answer. God has many more possibilities to solve my problems than I can ever imagine! I have to be willing to sit in the silence and listen.

It comes down to having faith in God and trusting the process. Saying a prayer is far more productive than creating scary stories. God’s abilities are far more inspiring than my worries.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26 )

It Only Takes A Moment

Meier Gardens 031It is always a joy to observe the transformative power of love!

My client Monica shared about her visit to a salon on her day off. The person scheduled to give her a pedicure was grumpy and out of sorts. Monica felt frustrated and resentful. She had looked forward to this simple luxury, and now it was ruined by the very person who was supposed to pamper her.

Monica remembered that she had the power to change her experience. She silently began beaming love to the pedicurist. Soon the pedicurist began to share about her day and what was on her mind. Monica listened and continued to send her love. She later reported it was the best foot massage and pedicure she ever received!

We interact with dozens of people throughout our day, barely acknowledging their impact on our lives. Taking the time to appreciate and acknowledge others makes the world a better place. Compassionate listening, kind words, and loving thoughts are the simplest acts that have the greatest power to change our lives.

I invite you to experiment with practicing random acts of loving kindness. Find something uplifting to say to your co-worker, spouse or friend. Take a few moments to listen to someone who is having a difficult day. Send loving thoughts to the person who serves your coffee or is sitting in the car next to you at the red light.

A life overflowing with happiness can appear to be an elusive dream. It is not. It begins with the smallest drop of thoughtfulness and expands into a stream of love. Each act of loving kindness radiates out from us to be magnified and multiplied by Spirit, and we are all lifted up. Love blesses us all.