Christmas DecorationsFor many, gift giving has become conditional and compensatory in our society. Should I give one, how much should it cost, what if I receive a gift and I did not give one in return, what is someone else’s gift is better than mine!! Yikes!

We begin by looking at intention in giving. From The Principles of Financial Freedom workbook, “We graciously give to others because we can perceive the divinity within them, simply, because we love them.” Practice learning to give gifts out of love and not lack. Practice not making the gift conditional by saying “I did not have enough so this is what you get.”

Your gift is a gift of love whether it is a card, something homemade or something purchased, whether it came from the Dollar Store or from Macy’s.

The difference is the attitude of how you give it. Give it as a treasure from your heart. Go within and see the person’s beauty and divinity. But first go within and see your own beauty and divinity and proclaim “I am enough. I am love.”

The reason for the season is love.