blue flowersExperiences from the past about money stay with us for a very long time! When I owned my first car I needed to buy a new battery. I told my Dad I was going to take my car to the garage in the neighborhood. “Oh no, don’t do that,” declared my Dad. “He will take advantage of you and overcharge you.” I asked him where he thought I should take my car. He ran through the list of car repair shops and dealers in the area. According to my Dad, every one of them seemed to have nefarious business practices and could not be trusted. I was left feeling helpless and confused.

That feeling stayed with me for many years. I learned that I couldn’t really trust people. I believed they were always out to trick or deceive me out of my hard-earned money.

While it is wise to research and evaluate before we make decisions, it can be limiting and fearful to believe that no one is to be trusted. I’ve learned over the years to balance my thoughts and feelings. I do my best to look for the good in people. I affirm “Everyone is conspiring to make me happy.” Most people I meet are honest, trustworthy and sincerely wanting to help.

Universal principle states: I receive what I believe. Seeing life through eyes of faith and love provides a much more uplifting experience.

I believe that there is good for me and I deserve to have it! Thank you God!