Portlandia Beach Retreat 050Heard author Karen Armstrong speak on her new book, ‘A Case for God.” Her words reminded me that God is an experience that cannot be explained. We strive to know God better but don’t know what God looks like or what the experience should be like. She encouraged us to walk in the unknown and build faith.

Here are some other jewels I came away with from her talk.
• The desire to live in transcendence is the human condition. God is in the silence.
• Come to the place of doubt—that is where you begin.
• Socrates was wise because he realized how little he knew.
• The purpose of dialogue is not to convert but to realize you know nothing.
• The next time go into dialogue be prepared to change!
• Science can help us with the diagnosis but cannot help with the pain of grief.
• Jesus asked not for belief in dogma but for commitment.
• I belief in order that I may understand.
• Live first, conviction comes.
• All the world’s religions preach compassion, put others before yourself so we can reach the Divine.
• Don’t confine your benevolence to your own group.