A World of Possibilities

“The most fortunate are those who have a wonderful capacity to appreciate again and again, freshly and naively, the basic goods of life, with awe, pleasure, wonder, and even ecstasy.” Abraham H. Maslow

Beyond Van Gogh

Imagine what it would be like during those 3 a.m. wake up sessions to think about a world of possibilities instead of thoughts of fear and dread. Can you imagine letting go of the worries of tomorrow and focus on the infinite possibilities that await us?

What would the world would be like if we took dominion of our thinking and focused on what we want instead of what we don’t want? Can you begin to imagine what it would  be like if we lived life from a daily place of gratitude and appreciation? 

Our problems won’t magically disappear. But shifting our thinking to what we want will calm the mind, release the stress in our bodies and give us a new outlook. We create new neural pathways in the brain and we are open to new possibilities.

Joe Dispenza states, “Spend time, contemplating who you want to be. The mere process of contemplating who you want to be, begins to change your brain.”

Change your thinking, change your life and imagine what the world could be.

“Cause every night I lie in bed

The brightest colors fill my head

A million dreams are keeping me awake

I think of what the world could be

A vision of the one I see

A million dreams is all it’s gonna take

Oh a million dreams for the world we’re gonna make.”

  – A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman

Affirmation: I am willing to change my thinking and imagine an amazing world.

Expansion of Life

“The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness.” Deepak Chopra

Expansion of Life is the fourth step of exploring the frequency of love.

Letting go 

Opening the heart

Vibrating vitality

Expansion of life

When we are able to let go, open the heart, tap into vitality we open to the expansion of life. There is an expanded sense of self and a deepening of our mystical experience. This is divine power.

Living in a world that craves external power, Carolyn Myss reminds us, “Power originates behind your eyes, not in front of your eyes. Once power becomes visible, it evaporates. True power is invisible.”

Expansion is the all-encompassing presence of love. Now we live in the awareness of love as a frequency, a vibration, a presence of grace.  We no longer try to possess love but instead learn to live as an expanded sense of self and give love away.

Practice sending love every chance you have. Send energy, send light, send grace. It is all love. Whatever you give out graciously is returned multiplied.

Enjoy the journey.

Affirm: I am grateful for the expansion of love as my life.

Know that you are loved.

Love Without Conditions Taize Service

“In truth, it is not God who lifts you up. Nor is it me. You lift yourself up as you remember how lovable you are and accept your role in God’s plan.” Paul Ferrini

A Taize Service îs a contemplative time of meditation and music. It is a time to mindfully go within and contemplate what Spirit has to offer.

Our theme this month is Love Without Conditions. February is often thought of as a time of love and romance. But it is much more than that. It is a time of awakening Divine Love and recognizing how much we are loved unconditionally.

Music by Lauri Jones.

Love Without Conditions Taize Service

February 17, 2022 @ 6 p.m.

Unity of Beaverton, 12650 SW Fifth Ave, Beaverton, OR

Love Offering – All proceeds will benefit the Women’s Retreat Scholarship Fund

Vibration of Love

“Every part of my body is in harmony with the living Spirit within me. The life of this Divine Spirit flows through every atom of my being, revitalizing, reinvigorating and renewing every particle of my physical body.”  – Ernest Holmes

I was in the reception area of my chiropractor’s office and overhead a conversation in the hallway. One person said they were not looking forward to their birthday coming up later this month. They dreaded the idea of being another year older and were hesitant to celebrate. Their co-worker agreed.

Their comment stuck with me. I thought about a friend with cancer who gives thanks for every day she has. There are families whose loved ones did not survive the virus and they grieve their loss.

In the world before COVID (B.C.) we took people, plans, experiences and our health for granted. We were comfortable knowing we had plenty of time and energy to do what we wanted, when we wanted. In today’s world, nothing is certain. We are learning to be flexible in a shaky, chaotic world.

In the B.C. world, birthdays could be seen as a nuisance, a reminder we are getting older. In the post COVID world—I say they are a blessing, acknowledging how fleeting and fragile life is.

Perhaps living in our post-pandemic life is less about the outer experiences and more about the inner reflections and opportunities to grow and connect. What brings me joy? Who can I send love to today? What am I grateful for? 

When we are grateful we send out a vibration of love. That vibration benefits us and raises the vibration of the planet. Something we need more than ever.

I am grateful for my healthy, vibrant body. 

I am gratefully enjoy each day of my life.

I am appreciative of all the ways I am loved and blessed.

What are you grateful for?

Shifting Focus

Awareness is everything. We can so easily be distracted by ever-changing pandemic worries, friends and family illness updates, and whatever the media considers is ‘breaking news’ at the moment. It can be a challenge to stay focused on our greater good.

Author and teacher Catherine Ponder, tell us we can shift feelings and experiences when we invoke the healing power of love.

Speak this wisdom from Catherine Ponder aloud and repeat frequently throughout the day.

“Divine Love, expresses through me, now draws to me all that is needed to make me happy and my life complete.”

If you find yourself caught up in the conditions and drama of the world, repeat this statement of Truth:

“I praise Divine Love that there is a strong, wise way out of this dilemma.”

If you are having challenges with a difficult person:

“I fully and freely release and forgive. I loose and let go all ill feeling. Divine Love produces the perfect result now.”

Take a breath, shift your focus and remember this:

You exist in boundless good.

You are valued and appreciated.

You are loved.

Supply Chain Redefined

Field of sunflowers

“Too often the focus of our attention is misplaced, glued to what we believe is missing—which, in turn, directs the unbiased law of expansion to create an abundance of more of the same.”

   – Dennis Merritt Jones, The Art of Abundance

Have you noticed, not only has holiday shopping started early, it has been jump-started out of fear? Fear that there is not enough. Fear that our holidays will be a disappointment. Fear that the precious things we need to have a successful holiday are sitting in cargo containers and will not be available.

Hello?? Remember a year ago? A year ago, the most precious thing we wanted was a hug from a family member or friend. We would have been thrilled to sit in the same room. We would have been ecstatic to breathe the same space without fear.

Granted there are real shortages and real impacts on some businesses. We have an opportunity to not contribute to the mental and emotional fear. We have the freedom to speak words of faith.

Focus on what is available, what is important and precious. Take attention off what is missing and place it on the abundance of this moment. 

Speak this affirmation aloud from Catherine Ponder:

“Divine Substance cannot be diminished.

Divine Substance cannot be exhausted.

Divine Substance cannot be withheld.

Divine Substance is everywhere present and I wisely use it now.”

Most of all, know that you are loved.