Back to the Basics

Caregivers_JournalThings we take so much for granted are enormous tasks when dealing with an illness. Often after a serious illness the patient has to regain their strength. The simple things we take for granted like eating, walking and getting to the bathroom can be overwhelming for the patient.

The caregiver may appear to take it all in stride as we acknowledge and celebrate each success along the way. But often the pain of watching our loved ones struggle can be overwhelming.

Acknowledging grief and the sense of loss during an illness is so important. It can be a powerful way to move through changes an illness brings. It paves the way for love.

Excerpt from A Caregiver’s Journal: Recording Lessons of Love and Hope by Christine Green. Available soon at a bookstore near you. ISBN: 978-0-945385-45-5

Everyone is Conspiring

blue flowersExperiences from the past about money stay with us for a very long time! When I owned my first car I needed to buy a new battery. I told my Dad I was going to take my car to the garage in the neighborhood. “Oh no, don’t do that,” declared my Dad. “He will take advantage of you and overcharge you.” I asked him where he thought I should take my car. He ran through the list of car repair shops and dealers in the area. According to my Dad, every one of them seemed to have nefarious business practices and could not be trusted. I was left feeling helpless and confused.

That feeling stayed with me for many years. I learned that I couldn’t really trust people. I believed they were always out to trick or deceive me out of my hard-earned money.

While it is wise to research and evaluate before we make decisions, it can be limiting and fearful to believe that no one is to be trusted. I’ve learned over the years to balance my thoughts and feelings. I do my best to look for the good in people. I affirm “Everyone is conspiring to make me happy.” Most people I meet are honest, trustworthy and sincerely wanting to help.

Universal principle states: I receive what I believe. Seeing life through eyes of faith and love provides a much more uplifting experience.

I believe that there is good for me and I deserve to have it! Thank you God!

Empowered Ideas

Picture 301Ideas are like unlimited of points of energy floating around the universe that we can’t see or feel. All too often, we have an idea and we simply let it evaporate. When our mental atmosphere is filled with ‘I can’t,’ I don’t have time,’ or ‘I don’t know what to do,’ there is no place for the idea to latch on to and stick. Have you ever had an idea and neglected to take action only to watch someone else grab onto it and run with it resulting in overwhelming success? Wish I thought of that…

Inspiration is defined as the result of an inspired activity; an idea. When we have developed the discipline to stay connected to our spiritual awareness, we open to the ideas floating around and attract them into our thought process. Discipline helps to overcome the mental blocks that stops the ideas from taking hold.

When we have the discipline to train the mind and the inspiration to empower the idea, we can achieve the ideas that excite, motivate and empower us. When we use our ideas for the good of humanity, we receive rewards we cannot even begin to imagine.

It Does a Body Good

pool 12A new swimming pool opened in my home town when I was around 10 years old and my parents enrolled me in swimming classes. As I made progress, I was moved into the advanced group at the deep end of the pool. We lined up and one by one had to swim across. When it was my turn and I jumped in and swam about half-way across the pool when I started to panic. I couldn’t breathe and started flailing. The life guard jumped in and brought me back to the side of the pool. Once I was ok, the instructor sent me back to the intermediate swimming lessons. I felt embarrassed and ashamed.

I wish he had taken the time to help me face whatever fear I was feeling and gave me another chance to swim across the pool. Instead I felt like a failure and was punished and sent away.

We come face to face with our fears almost every day. All too often we quit and walk away, never knowing if we were going to reach our goal.

Can we ever really fail? In essence, we try something new and when it doesn’t work the way we want, we have the chance to reorganize and try again. Isn’t that a kinder, gentler way to see it?

We build faith when we take risks and face fears. We discover resources and strengths we didn’t know we had. We learn to trust that we have what we need when we need it.

There is freedom in faith. Faith is knowing that whatever I need will be provided; whether it’s having the strength to face a challenge, courage to speak my truth, or help in times of struggle.
Faith. It does a body good.

For the Love of Grief

CloudsWhen my husband Laurence was fighting cancer, I prayed that he would outlive my parents. I couldn’t imagine going through losing them without his strong shoulders to lean on. Laurence passed away two years ago. My Mom made her transition this past June. My experience of loss gave me the strength to be there for my Dad, my sister and family members.

I spent many years thinking that if I prayed hard enough I could keep everyone I loved under God’s umbrella of safety and they would be spared sickness and death. If I was good enough, perhaps the angel of death would just keep walking on by.

What I know now is that life is an extraordinary journey where we experience pain and joy, suffering and peace, loss and love. We will grieve those who leave us all too soon. We grieve because we love.

Our experience of life is sacred, amazing, crazy and all too fleeting. Love guides us through life’s challenges and nurtures us along the way.

Hug and kiss your loved ones. Call friends you haven’t heard from. Forgive your enemies. Let go of old hurts. Life is so short…Love while you are here.

Prayers and love go out to all that were affected by yesterday’s shooting at the Clackamas mall in Portland. May the wounds and emotions heal as God’s love pierces the darkness. God Bless.

Gracious Giving

Christmas DecorationsFor many, gift giving has become conditional and compensatory in our society. Should I give one, how much should it cost, what if I receive a gift and I did not give one in return, what is someone else’s gift is better than mine!! Yikes!

We begin by looking at intention in giving. From The Principles of Financial Freedom workbook, “We graciously give to others because we can perceive the divinity within them, simply, because we love them.” Practice learning to give gifts out of love and not lack. Practice not making the gift conditional by saying “I did not have enough so this is what you get.”

Your gift is a gift of love whether it is a card, something homemade or something purchased, whether it came from the Dollar Store or from Macy’s.

The difference is the attitude of how you give it. Give it as a treasure from your heart. Go within and see the person’s beauty and divinity. But first go within and see your own beauty and divinity and proclaim “I am enough. I am love.”

The reason for the season is love.