CloudsWhen my husband Laurence was fighting cancer, I prayed that he would outlive my parents. I couldn’t imagine going through losing them without his strong shoulders to lean on. Laurence passed away two years ago. My Mom made her transition this past June. My experience of loss gave me the strength to be there for my Dad, my sister and family members.

I spent many years thinking that if I prayed hard enough I could keep everyone I loved under God’s umbrella of safety and they would be spared sickness and death. If I was good enough, perhaps the angel of death would just keep walking on by.

What I know now is that life is an extraordinary journey where we experience pain and joy, suffering and peace, loss and love. We will grieve those who leave us all too soon. We grieve because we love.

Our experience of life is sacred, amazing, crazy and all too fleeting. Love guides us through life’s challenges and nurtures us along the way.

Hug and kiss your loved ones. Call friends you haven’t heard from. Forgive your enemies. Let go of old hurts. Life is so short…Love while you are here.

Prayers and love go out to all that were affected by yesterday’s shooting at the Clackamas mall in Portland. May the wounds and emotions heal as God’s love pierces the darkness. God Bless.