Sacred Weddings

“Give to each other’s hearts but not into each other’s keeping. For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts.”
– Kahlil Gibran,┬áThe Prophet

Your wedding celebration is your day to openly declare the oneness you already feel in your hearts. As you come together, you are collectively agreeing to assist each other in being the best you can be. For marriage is love made visible day by day.

It is a privilege to serve as your officiant for your sacred day. I will create a customized wedding ceremony for you. You may choose a religious or non-religious ceremony, either formal or casual. I will provide wedding vows or if you prefer, you can write your own.

Pre-marriage counseling is available upon request.  Call me for a complimentary consultation.


“We want to thank you for being such a peaceful presence at our wedding. We had searched for a while to find the perfect person to officiate and now we know that for the rest of our days together we will remember your words and your graceful presence when we look back at our sacred day.”

Amy and Tai

“The Rose Ceremony that Rev. Christine performed revealed a truth that despite any conflicts in a marriage, love between two people could always be renewed. Two lovely red roses and their powerful and divine significance were an invaluable gift that Rev. Christine presented to us. I was amazed by the feelings of joy, the laughter and the tears. I can only say thank you Christine. It was a beautiful day that will remain in our hearts forever.”

Linda and Antonio

Rev. Christine was a blessing from start to finish. Everything she said during our wedding ceremony resonated very deeply. We both feel very strongly that whoever gets married in Rev. Green’s presence is very fortunate indeed.”


Terry and Lisa