Meier Gardens 030It’s so frustrating! Have you ever noticed when you commit to being more loving in your life, your mouth speaks unkind words or your brain thinks angry thoughts? It’s not your imagination. It’s all part of the healing process.

Whenever we declare our highest intention, unwanted emotions show up to be healed. Unless we are aware of this fact, our experience can be discouraging and disappointing. The process is a type of spiritual purification–cleaning out the old feelings so our new intention can shine through.

The first time I declared joy as my purpose, I cried at least once a day for 30 days. I felt so frustrated until I understood the process. I finally let myself grieve and released all the pent-up pain and suffering. The crying eventually stopped and the quiet presence of joy filled my heart.

Whatever divine ideal you claim for yourself: joy, love, peace, or wholeness, is already working its way into your thinking, your speaking and into the cells of your body. Just be patient. It has to do a little spring cleaning first.