Palm Springs palm treeI heard there is a sign with this slogan somewhere in Portland. That is so funny! It reminded me of our discussion about worry in last week’s study group. How on earth does a person not worry? I am an expert worrier. I can obsess on everything; global warming, world peace, the future of health care and those are just the big issues. There are dozens of personal worries that spin around and occupy space in my overworked brain.

I’ve learned that worrying does not prevent anything from happening, nor does it save anyone from suffering. Worry doesn’t add anything to life, it just detracts.

Spiritual principle states, whatever I put my attention on increases. If I worry about pain and suffering in the world, I notice more pain and suffering. But if I can shift my thinking to things I am grateful for, I see more of the good stuff of life; the sun shining, my healthy body, my loving friends.

Oh, I will most likely find something to worry about tomorrow. But somehow I will also remember to give thanks.