I was surprised at how I couldn’t let the issue go. I talked to a friend recently and she shared good news about some goals she had accomplished. I congratulated her and immediately went into comparison about where my life is compared to hers. Why wasn’t I at the same place that she was? Why haven’t I progressed farther than I have? Why was I having difficulty achieving my goals? Why am I not enough?

The truth is that I was fine before the conversation. I was happy with my life and content with the goals I have set for myself. There should be a warning label stapled on the forehead: Comparison can be hazardous to your health. We compare ourselves all the time. We are brainwashed by fashion magazines, TV, movies, advertising…to name a few.

When we compare we negate what we have done. We begin looking at what we don’t have or haven’t achieved. The more we look at what isn’t working the more we see what is. Universal Law #24, Whatever I put my attention on increases. The more I thought about it, the more I saw where I was lacking.

Gratitude can put a stop to the most aggressive judgments we have about ourselves. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve women. I am grateful for the opportunities to write, to speak, to teach, to share powerful tools to inspire women’s lives. I am grateful for the abilities and possibilities I have each day. I am grateful for being me. Actually, I think I am.