About Rev. Christine

What fuels my passion for sharing practices and tools for spiritual seekers, is rooted in my own path to transformation. I lived in a world in which I believed there was never enough…not enough time, not enough money, not enough resources. In my spiritual awakening, I came to understand that I had a power – but was not always aware of…the power to choose. I could choose to see things differently, to have a new thought, to let go of a limiting belief. As I grew in faith and trust, I could see my path more clearly.

As a spiritual coach, I listen to the heartfelt concerns, fears and midnight pondering of my clients. It was through these sacred interactions that I began to notice patterns of suffering affecting women: experiences of self-judgment, low self-esteem, victim thinking, and Issues with relationships and money. My mission is to support women in discovering their own power and choices. My latest book, Conscious Choices: A Woman’s Guide to Clarity, Courage and Connection emerged out of the inspiration generated in this work and draws from my own experience in spiritual growth and development. This book highlights case histories and my own personal experiences, serves as a guiding light on every woman’s path to spiritual development.

In Anatomy of Caring, Insights on Faith for a Caregiver and Patient, I share the poignant and deeply spiritual journey of being a caregiver to my beloved husband, Laurence, during his courageous battle with leukemia, a stroke and bone marrow transplant. A Caregivers Journal, naturally flowed from my journey and seeded the intention for it to be a tool and memory log for caregivers to record the fleeting joys and profound struggles of caring for a loved one.

Soul Musing, Finding the Sacred in the Ordinary captures many moments of my own life journey in essays and provides insights on how to discover spiritual wisdom in ordinary experiences and any challenging situations.

My teaching and presentation style is one of compassion and clarity. My intention is to create a safe and supportive environment in which participants feel free to express their ideas and feelings and to discover their inner strengths and courage. I find immeasurable joy in guiding spiritual seekers toward liberation from their self-imposed restrictions, inspiring them to unlock the power that lies within their souls.