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Conscious Choices

by Christine Green

Whether you are just embarking on your spiritual journey or seeking to deepen your practice, this book is an invaluable companion that will inspire and guide you towards living a more empowered and fulfilling life. With Conscious Choices: A Womans Guide to Clarity, Courage and Connection you will find the wisdom, guidance, and tools necessary to unlock your true potential and create a life filled with purpose, joy, and authenticity.

“Christine’s writing is clear and supportive for what women face in their lives today. She really names the demons women face in this culture and gives us wonderful solutions with her affirmations and new views. I particularly love the chapter on “being nice”. She gives the reader a supportive yet practical approach to life’s challenges. This is an easy read that I plan to refer to again and again.”
Pamela Sky Jeanne, author of Healing Matters

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Anatomy of Caring

by Christine Green

Book - Anatomy of Caring by Christine GreenAnatomy of Caring is a personal and deeply spiritual account of Christine and her husband, Laurence’s valiant journey through an incurable illness. It also serves as a journal providing a place to record feelings and includes scriptures that bring comfort and hope.

Soul Musings

by Christine Green

Book - Soul Musings by Rev. Christine GreenSoul Musings is a collection of stories, experiences and insights intended to spark a fresh idea or provoke a question that shifts your thinking. Christine invites readers to join her journey to a deeper spiritual truth, offering affirmations and journal practices to help guide the way. This gem is for anyone interested in finding truth in life’s adventures while seeking a higher spiritual plane.

Caregiver’s Journal

by Christine Green

Book - Caregivers Journal by Rev. Christine GreenCaregiving is complex. Caregiving demands that we be patient, strong, persistent, fearless and gentle. We are called on to be advocates, listeners and negotiators while dealing with our own feelings of guilt, failure and fear. In the midst of pain, fear and sorrow, there is an awareness of love that is amazingly profound. This journal is a companion as you spend time waiting and worrying. Use it to record the fleeting joys and profound struggles of being a caregiver.

“Christine has the ability to move through Laurence’s illness with such graceful surrender yet limitless courage. As a part-time caregiver for my parents, I found the questions Christine asks in the book to be very insightful. I would recommend this book to anyone who wishes to part ways with their ego and enter a more natural wholesome self.” Maura H.

“Each writing within Soul Musings is a divine petal of wisdom. Christine’s vulnerability and authenticity in sharing reflections of her life moments are absolutely relatable and a gift to the reader to revisit themselves. Each musing provides insight, affirmation and prompts for reflection and an opportunity to explore individual thoughts and beliefs around the freedom of faith, forgiveness, grief, grace, love, and divine soul expression. Soul Musings can be absorbed at any pace and in any order the heart calls. It is timeless.”

“Few of us plan on being a care giver. While we are willing to take up the responsibility of caring for the ones we love, most of us have no experience or training for it. Christine does a wonderful job of simply allowing us to explore and better understand the many emotional facets of what we are undertaking. Her book allows us to better care for ourselves and the ones we love.” Jim D.