Exploring Creative Stress

“Creative stress is the energy and potential of your deeper, wiser self drawing you upward towards fulfillment, authenticity and integrity.”   James O’Dea

 Leave it to author James O’Dea to take a stormy topic like stress and turn it inside out so we can see the creative possibilities! We live in a world fraught with change, upheaval and uncertainty and stress is certainly the outcome. When we don’t manage our stress it saps our energy, creativity and sanity!

When we face and acknowledge stress, we open to a limitless field of creative actions. We have an opportunity to shift from the desire to hide to being open to learn how to expand and grow from our circumstances.

Participants will learn how to: Identify behaviors and reactions to stress, develop tools to change behaviors and take action, and create a spiritual practice that supports creative expression.

Join other spiritually connected beings who are ready to live empowered lives! There is a synergestic energy when we come together in community to study and explore new ways of thinking. Join us and embrace your creative process.

All sessions are recorded for your convenience.

Event: Exploring Creative Stress Teleconference Class Series

Dates: Fridays, October 12, 19, Nov 2, 9; Time: 9:30 – 11:00 a.m.

Location: The comfort of your home! Conference call number will be sent upon registration.

Fee: $89 before October 10; $110 after October 10

Register: revchristine@revchristine.com

Cultivating Mindfulness

“As our neurotic thought patterns drop away, layers of judgment and resistance atrophy, and the need to define our selves through hard-held identities relaxes. As this happens, the natural goodness of the heart shines by itself.”  Gil Fronsdale

Some days my mind has the attention span of a flea! Have you ever noticed that about yourself? Mindfulness enables us to establish attention, concentration and focus. It enables us to successfully navigate the everyday living. Using the book, The Issue at Hand by Gil Fronsdale, we will explore Buddhist mindfulness practice and expand our meditation ability.

Cultivating Mindfulness Teleconference Class

Four weeks: June 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2018

Time: 9:30 – 11:00 a.m.

Investment: $99 before June 1; $120 after June 1

Place: From the comfort of your home! Teleconference number will be sent upon registration.


Event: The Principles of Financial Freedom Class Series

waterfall in BahamasEuro. Peso. Dollar. No matter what we call it, money magnifies our emotions. Money isn’t the problem. What we believe about money is what keeps us spinning in circles and riding the rollercoaster of emotions. Connecting with our inner spirit calms the turmoil and puts us back on track to balance and abundance.

Real prosperity is about the attitude of freedom in our financial affairs. Freedom is not about how much money we might have. It is the way we feel about the experience of money in our lives. Once we uncover the hidden beliefs that keep us stuck, we can begin to take steps to transform those old attitudes and beliefs.

Rev. Christine Green and Shelly Walker, LSP, are teaming up to share their expertise, tools and experiences to offer the Principles of Financial Freedom series. Register and discover the wealth that is already available in every area of your life.

Join us as we explore the principles of financial freedom and transform our fear-based thinking into a greater experience of freedom and abundance. Learn how to step out of lack and into expansion.

Event: The Principles of Financial Freedom Class Series
Dates: April 10 through May 29; 6 – 9 p.m.
Location: New Thought Center for Spiritual Living, 1040 C Street, Lake Oswego, OR
Fee: $240
Register: Call 503-296-9922


Event: Power of Prayer Teleconference Class

“The opening of the heart is an awesome personal politic, providing us with an internal strength greater than any worldly power. As we receive God’s love and impart it to others, we are given the power to repair the world.” Marianne Williamson, Illuminata

Prayer is not a passive action. It is heart opening, life affirming, wisdom creating, love activating.  Prayer is not connected with a particular religion. It is a spiritual practice available to everyone that shifts us into greater power.

Class includes:

  •  Exploring a variety of prayers and how to use them more intentionally in our daily lives. 
  • Reviewing the Soul Awakening Prayer from James O’Dea new book, Soul Awakening Practice. 
  • Getting ready for the New Year with the Year End Power Purge practice.

Join other spiritually-connected beings who are ready to live an empowered life. 

There is a synergistic energy when we come together in community  to study and explore new ways of thinking. Join us and proclaim the power of your word!

All sessions are recorded for your convenience.

Event: Power of Prayer Teleconference Class Series

Dates: Fridays, November 3, 10, 17, 2017; 9:30 – 11: 00 a.m.

Location: The comfort of your home! Conference call number will be sent upon registration.

Fee: $49 special rate  (check or paypal)

Register: email revchristine@revchristine.com

Event: Caring for the Caregiver


               “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Laozi, philosopher

Care giving is complex. It demands us to be patient, strong, persistent, fearless and gentle. We are called on to be advocates, listeners, errand-runners and negotiators. At the same time we are left to deal with our own feelings of guilt, failure, disappointment and fear. All while trying to take care of ourselves so we can care for others.

Being aware of possible pitfalls and challenges of caregiving can save time and energy but most importantly, can save the health of the caregiver.

Join Rev. Christine Green as she shares helpful tips and tools to help us live healthy, balanced lives .

Event:   Caring for the Caregiver
Dates:   To Be Announced 

Fee:   free





Event: Understanding Emotions

Understanding EmotionsHave you ever noticed how many emotions you feel during the course of a day—or even in an hour? Most of us don’t even stop to think about them or try to understand how they function.

We often allow our emotions to dictate our actions. Intense emotions can cause us to made decisions in the heat of the moment or avoid situations that we need to manage. Having dominion over our emotions creates mastery in our lives.

In the upcoming Understanding Emotions class, we will examine the beliefs behind our emotional nature. We will learn how to use spiritual practice as a means of turning our emotions into expressions of Love, Peace and Joy.

Please join us for this powerful class.

Workshop Intentions:

  • To develop a greater awareness of my attitudes and beliefs about emotions.
  • To develop a firm foundation of faith.
  • To deepen in my spiritual discipline.

Class Date:     TO BE ANNOUNCED