Vibrating Vitality

“As I become conscious of my Oneness with God, I am filled with enthusiasm and a sense of energy and vitality.” – Ernest Holmes

Feeling tired lately? You are not alone! Vitality seems to be in short supply these days. There are so many challenges that drain our energy and can leave us sleepless and exhausted.

Vitality Is defined an exuberance; living with purpose. But some days it can be quite a feat to move from exhausted to vitality. It takes practice to take a breath, take a pause, and let go of our self-imposed demands. It often takes courage to ask for help and compassion to release our need for perfection. When we practice letting go we open the heart to more love, and we naturally feel more enthusiasm and vitality for life.

I feel vitality when I am in nature. Whether I am at the ocean, forest, or desert, I feel a newness and freshness. My friend feels it when she is with her granddaughter. The world seems to stop and she is completely in the moment and in a state of unconditional love. Another friend feels exactly the same way when playing with her dog, feeling immense love and joy.

When we tap into vitality we are tapping into our connection with the divine and we vibrate the life force energy. We feel an aliveness and appreciation for life itself. Eric Butterworth describes vitality as “All the the attributes of the Infinite are in focus as you, flowing forth through you. You are this flow.”

Pay attention to what makes you feel energized. You may not feel it every day and that’s okay. If we are willing to recognize vitality and pay attention, it happens more frequently. To some it may show up as an abundance of energy  and to others it may be a quiet sense of purpose and gratitude. Wherever we are, we are connecting with the frequency of love.

I would love to hear from you. Let me know what energizes you and renews your vitality?

Affirm: Be still and know…I am in the flow.

The Magic is You

“Your own consciousness is always creating thoughts, and the more you energize those thoughts, the more they come into being, good or bad.” – Paul Selig

Do you ever have those days where you wish for a magic wand—just for a moment to wave over life’s troubles and make them magically disappear?

If you’ve been on the spiritual path you’ve come to realize that change doesn’t come automatically.  If I want my life to be different, I have to change my thinking, attitude, and perception. I have to be the one to initiate the change. There is no magic to it. Just consistent, dedicated practice to shift my thinking from wishing to doing.

In I Am The Word, Paul Selig writes, “This is not something that can be done once. This is about a new pattern, and like any new pattern it needs to be ingrained in consciousness and in behavior for it to become fully realized in your life.”

No one can do our work for us. We can’t will it or wish it away. There is no being in the sky that grants wishes for us. Each of us has to do our own work and look at old patterns, old beliefs, past experiences and take responsibility for them.

Responsibility is the ability to respond. We have the opportunity to bring conscious intention to whatever we are engaged in. 

Ernest Holmes reminds us, “Realizing that all action starts in and is a result of consciousness, prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer. Become increasingly aware of the one Presence, the one Life and the one Sprit which is God. Drop all sense of lack or limitation.”

Affirm: I am willing to receive the best life has to offer me.

Celebrating Newness

“Spring is the best life coach: It gives you all the energy you want, all the positive thoughts you wish and all the boldness you need!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan

Celebrating Newness

Happy Spring!

There is something wonderful about Springtime. We emerge from the grayness of winter into a kaleidoscope of color in the spring. There is such joy in seeing the flowers blooming, hearing the birds singing, enjoying extended daylight.

Spring signifies a season of hope. We emerge out of the darkness of winter to see the transformation that springtime brings. Perhaps it is the feeling of hopefulness and expectation that things will get better.

We can cultivate that feeling of hope everyday. We don’t have to wait for springtime to arrive. We don’t have to wait for conditions to change in order for us to accept possibilities.

Ernest Holmes invites us to affirm:

“I know that Spirit within me goes before me, making perfect, straight, easy and happy the pathway of my experience. There is nothing in me that can obstruct the divine circuits of Life, of Love, of Beauty and Truth. Today I have faith that my word shall not return to me void.”

You are loved!

Send Love Instead

“Everything you judge you fear. Think about it. Ask yourself what you judge, and then ask yourself why you fear, and you will know this in your heart once and for all.” Paul Selig, Book of Love and Creation

It is very popular to play the blame game in today’s society. We often look a scapegoat, someone to blame for the problems of the world. We blame the government, stock market, banks, wealthy people, poor people, big business, other countries and our parents for the pain and suffering of today’s world. We point fingers and worry about what others are doing or not doing. When we do that, we are simply  spreading fear.

It’s so easy to judge what others are doing and give advice to how they should change their behavior. Actually it is a way to avoid looking at our own limiting beliefs and fear-based thoughts. An important step on our spiritual journey is to take responsibility and pay attention to what we are doing, thinking and saying. 

Responsibility is not about blaming ourselves. Responsibility is the ability to respond. It is the freedom to take action. It is the power to change. When we take responsibility, we face our fears and take steps to move past them.

Practice looking at what you want instead of what you don’t want. Ask each day “What is mine to do to make the world a better place?” Release judgment and anger and send love instead. When we send love we raise the vibration for everyone.

Be gentle. Practice compassion. Having compassion for ourselves and others opens us to love and be loved. Compassion awakens love in us. Love is the healing power beyond judgment and blame. There is always a choice.

Speak this prayer attunement aloud whenever you are feeling separate, angry, or judgmental. Speak it aloud for yourself when you are feeling fearful.

I am Love through the One I see before me.

I choose to see you, _____, in Love.

I choose to see you in your worth.

I choose to see you in your right to be.

I see you in your perfection.

I see you in your beauty.

I see you in your choices.

I am Love through the One I see before me.

Word I am Word.

Imagine the Possibilities

“Everybody here on this plane is now ready to uplift whether they know it or not. If you can imagine right now that there is a tide that is rising and everyone is being lifted in this frequency, regardless of whether they know it or not, you will begin to understand that what is actually happening here is a global phenomenon.” Paul Selig, Book of Love and Creation

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night feeling anxiety and dread, worrying about things that may or may not ever happen? Imagine what it would be like during those wake up sessions to contemplate a world of possibilities instead of thoughts of fear and dread. Imagine letting go of the worries of tomorrow and focusing on the infinite potential that await us.

Think about what the world would look like where we truly took control of our thoughts, prioritizing our desires rather than dwelling on what we do not want. While this wouldn’t magically solve all our problems, it would result in a calmer mind, a release of bodily stress, and a fresh perspective. As we see a greater potential for ourselves, we see that for others as well.

According to Joe Dispenza, the brain has the remarkable ability to form fresh neural connections and embrace new ideas. He states, “Spend time, contemplating who you want to be. The mere process of contemplating who you want to be, begins to change your brain.” As we shift to seeing things in a positive light, we raise our frequency. See yourself sending vibrations of love and peace.

We have an opportunity to send love where we see sorrow, to visualize peace where we see conflict, to recognize wholeness in the midst of lack. We look not at the appearances but at the infinite possibilities. We focus our energy and intention on a world that works for everyone.

See yourself sending vibrations of love and peace out before you. Affirm this attunement from Paul Selig:

“I am seeing those before me with love. I am love through the ones I see before me.  I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

“I am choosing now to recognize myself as a Divine Being in full manifestation. As I am activated in Word, I rise above this planet. I rise above the limitations of this physical world, and I claim this: I am Word through all those standing before me on this earth. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

” I am choosing to see all that I see before me in Divine Love.”

Accepting Newness

In addition to creating happiness in our lives, we need to cultivate the spiritual practices that lead to joyfulness, especially gratitude. We need to live from a place of gratitude and joy.” Brene Brown

Happy New Year! Another whirlwind of a holiday season has passed. We try to catch our breath as we turn the page of the calendar to a new year.

We can sometimes feel conflicted declaring what we want in the new year.  We want change and yet we resist it. Sometimes we like change as a concept rather than reality. We want to have something new in our lives but we don’t want to let go of the old way of doing things. We resist change because we don’t like to be uncomfortable.

What if we looked at change as an opportunity for growth and transformation, rather than something to be feared? What if we embraced the discomfort and uncertainty that comes with change, knowing that it is a necessary part of our evolution?

The new year is an invitation to welcome new beginnings and let go of the old patterns and habits that no longer serve us. The new year is an opportunity to open to new experiences and opportunities that come our way, even if they make us uncomfortable.

Gratitude is an important step in accepting newness. There is something powerful in appreciating the present moment, the journey that has led us to where we are now. We expand our awareness when we feel gratitude for the lessons we have learned, the growth we have experienced, and the people who have supported us along the way.

In this new year, l invite you to make gratitude your guiding principle. Let’s find joy in the little things, the simple pleasures of everyday life. And let’s remember that change is not something to be feared, but something to be embraced and celebrated.

So here’s to a year of growth, transformation, and gratitude. May we have the courage to embrace change, the wisdom to appreciate the present moment, and the gratitude to be truly happy. 

Blessings for a grace-filled New Year.