Opening the Heart

“Heart opening is a conscious act of participation in healing the self and others. It is an act of creative engagement with the spiritual ascension of humanity.” James O’Dea

Opening the Heart is the second step of exploring the frequency of love.

Letting go 

Opening the heart

Vibrating vitality

Expansion of Life

When we love without hanging on there is an openness in our relationships. When we are open we are free to allow. When we allow we are willing. There’s no need to restrict or control but we experience greater freedom to appreciate and honor each person on their journey.

We begin with ourselves. When we allow our hearts to open there is a greater sense of self-acceptance. We are more inclined to forgive our mistakes, doubts, and limitations. We have a sense of self-compassion. Self-compassion allows us to view others with empathy and grace.

A great way to practice openness is to practice with the breath. Pay attention and set aside time to consciously breathe and release. Open yourself to receive love, appreciation, and respect.

Affirm: I am open to receive all that the Universe has in store for me.

You are loved.