A friend recently told me she left her job because she didn’t like the people she worked with. I remember a time when left a job for the same reason. The funny thing was, when I went to the next job I ran into the same ‘type’ of people. Whatever mannerisms or behavior I didn’t like showed up in other people at the next job.

Through my spiritual practice, I discovered it wasn’t the people that I didn’t like. They pushed a button in me that registered a fear or belief that I didn’t want to look at. It seemed like it was just easier to leave. But it wasn’t. That same pattern in people showed up over and over again until I healed it within myself.

I think I have more compassion now. When I recognize that everyone is dealing with some kind of limiting belief or fear, there is more room for compassion and understanding. As the saying goes: Where ever I go, there I am.