Vibrating Vitality

Garden Flower

“As I become conscious of my Oneness with God, I am filled with enthusiasm and a sense of energy and vitality.” – Ernest Holmes

Feeling tired lately? You are not alone! Vitality seems to be in short supply these days. There are so many challenges that drain our energy and can leave us sleepless and exhausted.

Vitality Is defined an exuberance; living with purpose. But some days it can be quite a feat to move from exhausted to vitality. It takes practice to take a breath, take a pause, and let go of our self-imposed demands. It often takes courage to ask for help and compassion to release our need for perfection. When we practice letting go we open the heart to more love, and we naturally feel more enthusiasm and vitality for life.

I feel vitality when I am in nature, at the ocean, forest, or desert, I feel a newness and freshness. My friend feels it when she is with her granddaughter. The world seems to stop and she is completely in the moment and in a state of unconditional love. Another friend feels exactly the same way when playing with her dog, feeling immense love and joy.

When we tap into vitality we are tapping into our connection with the divine and the life force energy. We feel an aliveness and appreciation for life itself. Eric Butterworth describes vitality as “All the the attributes of the Infinite are in focus as you, flowing forth through you. You are this flow.”

Pay attention to what makes you feel energized. You may not feel it every day and that’s okay. If we are willing to recognize vitality and pay attention, it happens more frequently. To some it may show up as an abundance of energy  and to others it may be a quiet sense of purpose and gratitude. Wherever we are, we are connecting with the frequency of love.

Affirm: Be still and know…I am in the flow.

You are loved and appreciated.

(Repost from May 2022)

Event: Wisdom of the Heart Women’s Retreat


“Activity and rest are two vital aspects of life. To find a balance in them is a skill in itself. Wisdom is knowing when to have rest, when to have activity, and how much of each to have. Finding them in each other – activity in rest and rest in activity – is the ultimate freedom.”  Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Whether you long to reconnect with your inner wisdom, or are craving quiet reflection, rest, and renewal, our Wisdom of the Heart Women’s Retreat  will meet your needs.

Rev Christine Green has designed a deeply restorative retreat for women in a nurturing, empowering, and supportive environment. Tap into the transformative power of spiritual principle to nourish your body and soul. Amazing musician Lauri Jones provides heart-felt music to inspire, move and connect us with our sacred self.

Our all-inclusive retreat takes place at Alton Collins Retreat Center, a beautiful center in the lush forest located in Eagle Creek, Oregon. Room, meals and retreat included in the price. There is an option for single or double occupancy.

Having fresh, organic, home-made food is a treasure! Scrumptious meals, lovingly prepared. All dietary requests are honored. No dishes to wash. Just enjoy!

Integrate self-renewal strategies into daily life as you learn to:

  • Slow down and access your inner wisdom
  • Experience guilt-free spiritual practice
  • Tap into self-compassion and self-acceptance
  • Relax and connect with your needs, desires, and emotional well-being
  • Meditate to enhance peace and harmony in everyday life

Enjoy authentic connection with like-minded women as you embrace a new way of being and experience greater freedom and joy.

Wisdom of the Heart Women’s Retreat: Sunday, October 22 at 4 pm through Wednesday, October 25, 2023 at 1 pm

Single Room: $725

Double Room: $615

To register: Please send or fax this registration form along with your deposit

Registration form

$75 deposit holds your space. $25 cancellation fee before September 1, 2023. Non-refundable after September 1st.


Check: Sacred Heart Ministries, 15605 SW 114th Court, #21, Tigard, OR 97224

You will receive regular updates and details upon registration.

I look forward to seeing you at the retreat!!


Rev Christine

Broken Open

“The great wisdom traditions are trying to teach us that grief isn’t something to run from. It’s a liminal space, a time of transformation.” – Richard Rohr

Years ago, my neighbor’s cat, Scooter, would wander over to my garden and watch me weed. At first I was irritated with her, but I learned to appreciate her company when I found out she was taking care of the mice invasion in the garden. I looked forward to her visits. One day I realized I hadn’t seen her in a while. I asked my neighbor where Scooter was. She sadly informed me that she was hit by a car and died the week before. I remember being so devastated by the loss of this cat. It didn’t make sense; she wasn’t my cat. I didn’t feed her or take her to the vet or change her kitty litter. But the loss for me was overwhelming. What is wrong with me, I thought? Am I crazy? Why am I grieving the loss of this cat so intensely?

Isn’t that how we think about grief? Why can’t I get it together? Why am I so emotional all the time? Why doesn’t life make sense?

We are so misguided when it comes to grieving. Grieving is a normal, natural and necessary way to deal with loss. We tend to be afraid of our emotions. From an early time, we are told, “Don’t cry. Crying is a sign of weakness.” We want to brush grief under the rug. “You should be over grief in two to three months.” “Grief gets easier as you get older.” There are so many myths about how to move through the grieving process. The greatest truth about grief is to learn to allow the process.

I was interviewed this week by Georgena Grace on her Integrated Wellbeing podcast. I appreciate her explanation of grief. “You are not broken by loss. You are broken open like a seed to self-awareness and new connections.”

Grief is not something to get over. We learn to include the loss, the pain, and the sorrow as part of life. We allow it to open and expand our experience of love. Feel your feelings of grief. Attend a grief group. Journal your innermost thoughts, fears and loss. Find a grief counselor. Reach out to friends for support. Be patient with yourself.

In the Book of Hope, Jane Goodall writes, “The depth of our grief is a reminder of the depth of our love.” When we allow ourselves to grieve, we expand our awareness. We open ourselves to more love.

Illusion of Separation

“Forgiveness is not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered, to forgive the one that inflicted it. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness.” — Marianne Williamson

Have you ever held a grudge against someone? I did and noticed it was keeping me pretty occupied—avoiding them, trying not to think about them, trying hard to pretend they didn’t hurt me.  It was exhausting.

When we don’t forgive, we stay in the struggle. We are in bondage with anger, bitterness and resentment. When we don’t forgive, we find there is a wall that separates us from love and keeps us from moving forward.

Forgiveness is an opportunity to let go. Forgiveness puts an end to the illusion of separation. It takes courage to let go. And when we do, it is one of the most important processes that brings harmony to our life and peace to our soul. Forgiveness sets us free to express love into the world.

In “This Thing Called You,” Ernest Holmes writes, “It may seem strange that the law which now holds you in bondage can as easily give you freedom. But this is the truth.”

Who are you willing to forgive?

Affirmation: I am willing to forgive and allow love to be expressed in the world.

(excerpt from Soul Musings)

Rest Well

“Your tiredness has dignity to it. There is no shame in admitting you cannot go on. You have been on a long journey from the stars. Even the courageous have to rest.” – Jeff Foster

In this hurry-up, catch-up, keep-up world, we rarely take time to rest. Technology enables us to  work from anywhere, anytime. Which is wonderful and distressing at the same time. When do we take time to stop?

Several years ago I was on vacation, hiking in a beautiful state park when I answered my cell phone and took the call from a congregant wanting to know how to register for the class starting that afternoon. I was glad to give her the information, but when I hung up, I wondered why I was compelled to answer a call. The call took me out of the present moment of the magnificent scenery and the dazzling bright sunny day. Can you relate?

It takes dedicated practice to be present, to be mindful. Living in the moment can be a rest for the busy mind. Getting my mind to stop thinking can be a challenge, but I can pay attention to where I am and how I am feeling. 

When I take a break, I allow myself to stop, breathe and open to my awareness of Spirit. When I rest, I allow the Universal presence of good to come into being. I allow faith to be the guiding presence in my life. 

From Ernest Holmes: “The Spirit within me is in perfect rest. The center of my being is quiet and poised. I let my inner spirit fill my whole being with peace and stillness. With this word, I now relax in body and mind.  Let the Divine Tranquility fill me.”

Stop. Breathe. Rest well. 

Affirmation: I rest in the joyous presence of radiant Spirit.