Fragile: Handle with Care

I don’t know about you, but this holiday season has felt like a rollercoaster of emotions. Lofty highs and rock-bottom lows and depleting energy in-between. I found myself feeling blue for no real reason or feeling lonely with plenty of people around. I feel like I have a label on my forehead that reads — Fragile: Handle with Care.

We are all a bit fragile during the holidays. There are expectations, demands, promises, hopes, fears, worries, and grief all swirling together. We have our own personal challenges to deal with as well as feeling the pain of humanity’s injustices. 

Here is my simple practice to bring me back to balance.

• Breathe and remember the gift of life.

• Be mindful and acknowledge how I am feeling.

• Be grateful for all the blessings in my life.

• Love myself first and extend that love to others.

• Speak with loving kindness.

Here is a prayer that brings me back to Love:

I am grateful for this new day. I embrace this day knowing God is revealed as the radiant, energizing, joy-filled presence of Love. I know Love moves into the very cells of my being bringing light, harmony, and peace. I accept guidance to willingly let go of any resentment, hurt or disappointment. I invite the healing presence of Love to wash away any pain or darkness. I enter this day with a grateful heart and receive all the blessings Love has in store for me. And so it is. Amen.

Regardless of emotions or appearances in your life, please know that you are loved and appreciated.

May the light of the season guide your days with wisdom, fill your heart with joy and surround you with the presence of love.

I Am The Word Class

“This is a call to action. And we say a call to action because the docile nature of your being would prefer you stay asleep, but this is no longer available to you. The times have changed and the time for recognition of yourself as a Divine Being has come.”  

 – Paul Selig, I Am The Word

Now is the time to dissolve the beliefs and release the structures from the past. Once you understand that your frequency is one with the Creative Universal Energy, everything begins to change. 

This is not a book study. It is an opportunity to engage in powerful spiritual practice with other like-minded spiritual beings.

Join us in this deeply profound work as we take this evolutionary journey of love.

“This book has changed my life. I love the explanation about the body and vibration and knowing. Thank you for this glorious information.” AH

What a tremendous class this has been. This work of being conscious of our own vibration and how it interacts with others is very powerful.” SD

I Am The Word Zoom Class

Now 5 weeks! Feb 14, 21, 28, March 7, 14, 2023

Time: 6 – 7:30 p.m.

Registration now open!

$79 before Feb 7; $89 after Feb 7

Please make check payable to Sacred Heart Ministries, 15605 SW 114th Court #21, Tigard, OR 97224

Paypal: revgreen@sacredheartministries.

Purchase book separately: I Am The Word by Paul Selig

Healing Emotional Wounds


“Wounds feed on wounds. Over time, if not dissolved, wounds form a constellation of anger, hurt and recrimination which implode in self-destruction  or explode in violence to others. We live in a world of wound contagion.” – James O’Dea

Physical wounds are obvious. We can see the cut, clean and bandage it and allow it to heal. Emotional wounds are much more difficult. We cannot see them and they often unknowingly direct and influence our thinking. Thoughts become emotions and emotions dictate our actions.

On the spiritual journey, our work is to be the observer and be aware of our thoughts, emotions, and reactions. As the observer, we are empowered to respond rather than react. 

In his book Soul Awakening Practice, James O’Dea states that most of the time we don’t understand our emotions and we try to manipulate and control the outside world so that we won’t be faced with uncomfortable emotions. The wounds of our past are often running our present circumstances and they can limit our relationships and experiences. 

There are a few helpful steps we can take to heal emotional wounds:

  • Be willing to look at the emotional upset. Just like a physical wound, we have to examine what is troubling us and bring it into the light to be healed.
  • Be willing to let go. Lay down any anger, separation, or belief and observe the situation in a new light. Be willing to forgive.
  • Be willing to write a new story. Claim your good and declare what you want.

We often struggle with how to forgive and let go. But the good news is — we don’t have to figure it out. We can surrender to Spirit and be willing for a new story to emerge. Give thanks for the gift of awareness and allow the wound to dissolve and peace to emerge.

Winter Solstice Taize Service 

“In the inner reaches of your heart, a light shines. It is a light that is eternally present. The primordial light that shines in the heart is the light of consciousness and the progenitor of all light in the world.” James O’Dea

A Taize Service îs a contemplative time of meditation and music. It is a time to mindfully go within and contemplate what Spirit has to offer. Join us for this powerful evening celebrating the light within.

Our guest artist is Laila Murphy.

Winter Solstice Taize Service

December 21, 2022 @ 6:30 p.m.

Unity of Beaverton, 12650 SW Fifth Ave, Beaverton, OR

Hosted by Sacred Heart Ministries.

Rev Christine Green Laila Murphy

Grounded in Principle

“Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don’t have to like it…It is just easier if you do.“ Byron Katie

I was hiking with a friend in the Mt Hood National Forest when she suddenly tripped, lost her balance and bumped into me full force. Fortunately, I was grounded and didn’t lose my balance. I picked up her hiking pole and we hiked on and enjoyed the beautiful day.

I reflected on this event later and realized its powerful metaphor for life. When I am grounded in faith, secure in my spiritual practice, steadfast in knowing truth, all sorts of obstacles can bump into me and I will not budge. Breaking news, upset co-workers or my own random thoughts and fears cannot sway me off my path. I feel stable, centered and can stand in the midst of whatever challenge is happening.

We are bombarded with overwhelming changes to our lives every day that can take an emotional toll on us. When our emotions are worn down and we feel distressed, we can be easily influenced and may make decisions that are not in our best interest.

Spiritual practice is more important than ever before— the need for us to stay grounded in principle and faith so we won’t falter and fall but will stand steadfast. Ernest Holmes reminds us, “Realizing that all action starts in and is a result of consciousness, prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer.” 

When centered in principle we can make conscious decisions —choosing discernment over judgment, caution instead of fear. We can create healthy boundaries instead of borders. Consciousness is the key.

Are you willing to be grounded in peace and not pushed off balance? 

Affirmation: I am grounded in my faith. I am fully supported by the Universe.