“Wounds feed on wounds. Over time, if not dissolved, wounds form a constellation of anger, hurt and recrimination which implode in self-destruction  or explode in violence to others. We live in a world of wound contagion.” – James O’Dea

Physical wounds are obvious. We can see the cut, clean and bandage it and allow it to heal. Emotional wounds are much more difficult. We cannot see them and they often unknowingly direct and influence our thinking. Thoughts become emotions and emotions dictate our actions.

On the spiritual journey, our work is to be the observer and be aware of our thoughts, emotions, and reactions. As the observer, we are empowered to respond rather than react. 

In his book Soul Awakening Practice, James O’Dea states that most of the time we don’t understand our emotions and we try to manipulate and control the outside world so that we won’t be faced with uncomfortable emotions. The wounds of our past are often running our present circumstances and they can limit our relationships and experiences. 

There are a few helpful steps we can take to heal emotional wounds:

  • Be willing to look at the emotional upset. Just like a physical wound, we have to examine what is troubling us and bring it into the light to be healed.
  • Be willing to let go. Lay down any anger, separation, or belief and observe the situation in a new light. Be willing to forgive.
  • Be willing to write a new story. Claim your good and declare what you want.

We often struggle with how to forgive and let go. But the good news is — we don’t have to figure it out. We can surrender to Spirit and be willing for a new story to emerge. Give thanks for the gift of awareness and allow the wound to dissolve and peace to emerge.