“You are word. You are an aspect of God being brought forth into light.” – Paul Selig. I Am the Word

Some days a brain fog seems to set in and we forget about the power of our words. We often speak aloud words of criticism, complaint, and judgment coming from our inner critic instead of empowered messages of love and inspiration from Spirit within. The words of the critic come from the head, and the empowered words of Spirit originate in the heart.

As Emma Curtis Hopkins tells us; “Complaining and whining are only exhibitions of great desert spots in your character. You must fill us deserts with rain and fertilizer. So you must transform your moments of complaining by praise and descriptions of the Good in the Universe.” 

Sometimes we have to dig deep to give thanks and praise for conditions amid any challenge. But when we do, there is a shift in energy and awareness.

Do you ever talk out loud to yourself? When we do, we tend to say things that are not very positive and uplifting. Try this for a change: Speak your praises and gratitude out loud. Your heart needs to hear your voice. Your heart hears constant words of error and false beliefs. But when your voice speaks words of truth aloud, your vibration is raised, your awareness is heightened, your experience of love expands.

Practice your spiritual readings out loud, as well as your prayers. Speak your gratitude  for the beautiful day, for loving friends and family, for your delicious meal. Affirm your success, prosperity and good health.

Our words are adding to the vibration of humanity. Let’s make them count.

Affirmation: I consciously speak words of faith, love and joy.