“There is a Divine spark at the center of your being. But you need to recognize this, believe it and act upon your belief.” Ernest Holmes, Thoughts are Things

Have you ever found yourself arriving home but don’t remember driving there? Some days we can be so lost in thought that we drive on autopilot, failing to notice the world around us.

When we practice mindfulness or awareness, we are paying attention. How am I feeling in my body? Where do I notice tension? What emotions am I feeling?

Once I am aware, I notice the tension and the tightness in my body. I feel the feelings. I am awake to something more than my physical body and senses.

There’s a subtle shift that happens in the mind when we go from taking life for granted to being in awe of how the world works and how the universe functions. I am awakened to being part of something greater. I am awake to my connection with Spirit.

When we manage to stay in that awakened state, the world seems magical. We noticed the colors, the sounds, the intricacies of a flower, the beauty of nature, the joy of laughter. We live in appreciation and gratitude.

When we live in awareness we live in amazement and we are open to unlimited possibilities. Activist and spiritual teacher, Barbara Holmes says, “When we are fully alert in Spirit, mind and body, we are more than we imagine and can accomplish more than we suppose.”

When we are awake we live in a state of wonder, amazement, and we are seeing through the eyes of our soul. We are seeing through the eyes of love. We know something wonderful is bound to happen.

Affirmation: Today I am aware, awake and enthusiastic.