CloudsEach of us is a walking field of energy made up of our thoughts, feelings and ideas. We can deplete energy with worry and fear, but we also have the power to direct the energy in our lives. Take the time to refocus your energy with these three Universal Laws:

Universal Law: Whatever I give out with love comes back to me multiplied.
Reach out and help someone else in need. A sense of expansion happens when you stop thinking about yourself and extend a helping hand to another. The good deeds and efforts that you share with others will come back to you multiplied.

Universal Law: Whatever I am grateful for increases.
Begin right where you are and put your attention on the things you are grateful for. Be grateful for new ideas, new opportunities and new relationships. Even the smallest seed of gratitude will grow and expand into possibilities you could never have imagined.

Golden Key: Focus on God and away from the problem.
Dr Emmett Fox, author, teacher and healer in the early 1900’s, developed the concept of The Golden Key. He taught that you turn the Golden Key by taking attention away from the problem and putting it on God instead. In other words, stop worrying about the problem and put your thoughts on God or your highest idea of Good in your life. When you do this, you will be amazed at how your mind clears and things begin working better and more easily and better than you thought possible.
We each make an impact on the collective energy field and on its results in our lives. Practice focusing on Universal Laws and see the difference.
“In God all things are possible.” Mark 10:27