“You are not asking that a force outside of you magically change external circumstances; you are asking that a Divine Guide within you change the nature of your thoughts.”  –Marianne Williamson

How easy it is to fall into the black hole of ‘what if?’ The mind immediately leaps to the worse case scenario imaging the suffering in tribulation of what might happen in the future.

Imagine instead that we took dominion of our thinking. Imagine if we claimed the highest and greatest good for ourselves and humanity. That my friend is the true power of prayer.

I invite you to pray for yourself to know the highest good. Pray for our country and see that success, prosperity and freedom are the divine inheritance of everyone in our country. Pray for our neighbors around the world seeing peace, wholeness and harmony for all.

When you find yourself falling down the rabbit hole of despair, STOP, shift your attention to the power of prayer. Breathe in and give thanks. And know that you are loved.